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Academics Management

Academics Management

Simplifies Administration, and promotes a digitized Structure, reducing traditional Manual work for more efficiency and growth in your school.

This module includes the features like :

Class & Section
Teachers can verify and view the list of classes and sections in which they are allocated to educate pupils, as well as the class number and section assigned to them by the principal or School Admin.
Admin can create a new class by giving it a name, a code, and a stream / department. The curriculum and student strengths for that class will also be displayed. He or she can also create different sections for the class, each with a total number of people learning in it. They can also check and amend the students' list of classes and sections.
Teachers can view the subjects that have been assigned to them to teach students in the Subject Allocation list. This will assist teachers in understanding the Stream/Department, as well as the courses to teach in various classes and sections.
The administrator can add topic codes for individual subjects, as well as the book preferred to read and the author of the book, in accordance with government board rules. Subject codes can be assigned to different subjects, such as Chemistry - CHEM, Physics - PHY, Fine Arts - FIAR, and so on. If the institute decides to add more subjects in the specific or all the classes, the admin can assign and add different subjects for the particular class and sections. Similarly, he/she can also allocate the different subjects to the teachers, which will help them in understanding about what subjects they need to teach in the lectures, with stream / department, employee name, class and section.
Teachers and administrators can manage the syllabus of various classes' subjects, which will aid them in scheduling lessons and lectures in order to fulfil the syllabus of various subjects on time.
Assignments & Notes
Students can use the interactive Mobile App on their phones to access their daily Assignments and Class Notes, which will be posted by their particular class professors. Teachers will routinely add Assignments and Notes to the system, which may be accessed via the desktop online system as well as the mobile app. Students can see the name of the class teacher who assigned tasks and notes, as well as the date on which they were due.
Classwork & Homework
Teachers will be able to upload daily class work / assignments for their students via our interactive mobile app. Through the School ERP Mobile app, students and parents may view the class work / homework assigned for each topic.
This will assist pupils who are absent due to illness or other reasons. They can copy and finish their classwork using the mobile app, which will notify absent students about the day's classwork and homework assigned by their teachers.
Admin can add different Certification names that are available in the Institute, as well as Certification types and create new Customised certificates based on the Institute's resources. Admin can also generate result certificates for each and every student, which will include the certificate in the student's name, year of completion, certificate issue date, and certificate type.
If there are any events, picnics, or educational visits, the system Admin and teachers can add daily, weekly, and monthly circulars to the system, and their students can read the circulars of certain dates with the indicated current circular.
Students can check regular circulars to see if there are any upcoming activities, picnics, or educational visits; professors will post the circulars to the system, and students can view them by a specific date.
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