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Employee Management

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Employee Management

           Employee management is made up of a lot of important information about the employee's work and personal life. It is a system that allows for quick and easy access to all academic features on a single platform. Employees are the only reason for a company's or institution's growth. It needs to be improved and expanded in order for employees to grow. It includes educational information, work experience, income and contact information, as well as a work schedule that may be managed using a timetable. Such a database allows the Institute's administrative head to quickly access employee information.

            It allows admins to create and add employee names, codes, and mobile numbers in which department's workers are assigned to work, as well as assign and monitor the present status of employees. The system includes a job application form that contains all of the information needed to recruit teachers, including personal information, contact information, academic information, professional experience, and previous employment information. This will provide a list of employees with their name, code, department, designation, contact information, and image.

This module includes the features like :

Employee Designation and database
            This function allows administrators to add and assign designations to various institute workers, such as Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, Accountant, HR, Librarian, Lab Assistant, Security Guard, and so on.
Similarly, the institution has all of the information about the employee. They previously employed a paper-based index system to keep track of their employees' information. However, the concept of paperwork has evolved because to School ERP Education Management. It saves all of their information in a database system with an efficient retrieval system. Managing a large amount of data in a school is tough since the population of the school changes every year as new students arrive and older students leave.
ID Cards
            The administrator can produce ID cards for various staff and employees, and it will assist in the creation of immediate ID cards for various entities such as faculty, students, and non-teaching staff. This feature will provide various divisions for staff employees, as well as the ability to make ID cards in two formats: Landscape and Portrait.
Attendance Management
            Admins can use our interactive mobile app to create daily attendance for their employees, as well as view weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance. They can view each employee's / staff's attendance by Stream / Department on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
Leave Management
            Employees can add various leaves to the leave management system, such as medical leave, casual leave, maternity leave, education leave, and so on. Admin has access to the list of leaves taken by employees / staff, as well as the ability to approve or deny leave requests. Additionally, the admin and employees have the ability to view the total number of leaves taken and the total number of leaves remaining. As a result, employees' leaves are checked in on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
Payroll Management
            Admin may handle each employee's compensation, including the employee's name, designation, pay head, and salary amount. They can create pay stubs for various months and years. In short, our School ERP Education Management interactive solution allows administrators to manage all of the institute's payroll processes. The administrator can also view the employee salary list, which includes information such as name, designation, year, month, and payment method. The pay details tool allows employees to examine their current salary. It can also generate dynamic wage slips with employee designations. As a result, reports for salary slips provided to employees can be generated.
Task Management
            This feature allows employees to create multiple projects for them to perform according to their priority and due date. They can also give the assignment a name and a proper and accurate description.
Committee Management
            Employees can use this tool to create meetings with an appropriate time schedule and a specified day's agenda. It assists in keeping track of daily meetings and properly organising them. They may see the whole list of meetings in the meeting list, which will help them figure out what type of meeting and when it will be held for the same module.