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Hostel Management

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Hostel Management

With the number of educational institutes growing by the day, student housing is becoming increasingly important. As a result, Hostel Management was created to manage the hostel's different operations. When there are a large number of students and a requirement for proper task and track record alignment, a hostel management system can be implemented. The module is extremely user-friendly, with a simple interface.

Students who have applied for hostel lodgings can access Hostel Features to view all of the hostel's details, including monthly and annual rental packages as well as payment options. The system and mobile app can also manage resources, making it more efficient and powerful. They can also verify the rental payment and the resources given to their children at the Institute's hostel, such as lockers, beds, and other household items, as well as the last day for payment of hostel rent.

This module includes the features like :

Hostel Details
Create and maintain the Hostel Details with its various facilities, live updates about students and other management facilities. Create and maintain the Hostel Details, including its numerous amenities, live student updates, and other management tools. Admin can see all of the hostel accommodations and check the hostel's details via Hostel Details. It will also display the resources that can be managed by the system and mobile app, allowing it to be more efficient and powerful. They can use this capability to verify the routine Hostel canteen menu from the system and mobile app on a regular basis.