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Security Gate / Front Desk Management

  /   Security Gate / Front Desk Management

Security Gate / Front Desk Management

This is a cutting-edge technology that is used to manage institute security. Security Gate / Front Desk Management is a well-developed system that can manage and monitor all security and front-desk activity. This module was created by the creators of School ERP Education Management in such a way that it can maintain connectivity even when internet connection is limited. As a result, guests are never inconvenienced by a lack of internet access. It's had secured and compromised lines for a long time. The database can be efficiently managed thanks to the user-friendly design and basic functionality.

The Security Gate Management assists in tracking and monitoring the institute's daily visitation. Employees at security gates will be given features to help them synchronise the visitor tracking process, as well as permissions to access the database to provide various institutional information. The institutes can get down to business with no worries because their data will be secure and dynamically organised, allowing them to manage all visitor data efficiently and precisely while engaging in successful operational operations.

The management of the security gate / front desk is safe and secure. Your database will be optimised and useful for your workers if you provide easy and integrated access to all of the data. It is a one-of-a-kind system that addresses the different issues associated with visitor tracking in educational institutions. Smooth user interface for security personnel, such as the Android app's ability to only be accessed by PIN number, eliminating the need to type difficult passwords every time.

Visitors ID Cards

The technology will assist schools in addressing a variety of security challenges. When visitors arrive at the institutes and contact with the receptionist or front desk for any academic related information, visitor ID cards are usually issued during the check-in procedure. After the visitor explains the reason for their visit, they are given a visitor badge that is personalised for them, including their photo and signature if appropriate.
Reusable ID cards are a cost-effective option for visitor identification because they may be reassigned multiple times with little effort. You can retain a record of every visitor who enters and exits the Institute with front desk management. You can also scan and upload ID proof documents, such as their driver's licence, to the database, which is a security precaution that any institute can use to improve security.

Purpose of Visit / Enquiries

Capable of recording the purpose of a visitor's visit - This will be particularly useful in detecting the details of frequent visitors based on their cell number. Visitors will be photographed by the front desk staff.
Visitor's Visit Tracking and Enquiries : A central record system to track all the visitor's information.
  • The tool to generate, download and print Visitors Pass.
  • The module helps in recording details of Visitors such as name, number, purpose of visit, etc.
  • Record visitors in and out time, and know the list of total Visitors visited in a specific period of time.
  • Store picture of the visitors in the database.
  • Provides simple and easy user Interface for the Security of Front desk and Security Gates.