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Exam Management

Information and technology have radically changed the foundation of the educational system in schools in the twenty-first century. The evolution of human existence has resulted in significant changes in schooling. There are numerous factors to consider, including educational objectives, structured curriculum, evaluation methodologies, and technology and infrastructure. and How will the leadership and their policies assist students in achieving their educational objectives?

It is designed to assist teachers in Exam planning, preparing Exam papers, Question Banks with solutions, Exam Time-tables, Exam Results, and assigning Exam supervisors and teachers to verify students' papers. Institutes can administer in-house exams and tailor the scores or grades used in the exams. This technology consolidates all information onto a single platform, allowing for a more conducive learning atmosphere and greater openness inside the institute.

This module includes the features like :

Manual Examination
Exams can be planned and designed by teachers with correct schedule preparation and paper design. Admins and staff can use the manual examination method. Teachers can also add the manual examination details of the institute to the School ERP Education Management system. They have the ability to assign different grading levels and ranks to pupils based on their exam results. They can include the student's name as well as the overall number of marks earned in various disciplines.
Question Bank
For the benefit of students' comprehension and guidance. Admins can establish a Question bank list for all of the different subjects they are responsible for teaching, as well as see the question types for the papers and upload various types of questions with attachments. Teachers and administrators have the ability to import and upload various papers, question banks, and solutions. Students, on the other hand, have access to the system and can view and download it.
Online Examination
An online exam paper will be created by the teacher or administrator. They can develop questions and upload them to the exam in this style. They also have the option of answering multiple choice or extended descriptive questions. Students receive an email notification for the online exam, which they must sign up for using their access login before taking the exam. The teacher or administrator can create subject-specific online tests and deliver fast results, allowing students to better self-evaluate.
Set Grading/ Ranking Levels
The student's grades and ranking levels will be calculated using the online examination module. The pupils' ranks will be assigned automatically based on their performance. With a better evaluation method, the student will get faster outcomes.
Exam Result & Report
Admins and teachers have the ability to publish each student's scores online. The functionality will make it easier to efficiently create, manage, and publish student results online. They can also generate a variety of reports that detail the activities and progress of students on a monthly and annual basis.
Supervisor and Examiner Management
Organize several supervisors and examiners for various examinations. Examiner reports for checking papers can also be tracked and viewed. Admin can assign supervisors and examiners based on their specialisation and line of work. The system will analyse the class designation and assign the class and section based on the performance and ranking of the students in the class.

Benefits for Teachers, Students, and Parents

  • Create, Maintain, View, Upload and Download Reports, Results or Documents
  • Manage Exam time-table with proper planning and scheduling.
  • Create Structured Exam papers through Online Exam management.
  • A better monitoring of Student's Performance
  • Get every detail about the examiner and supervisor for different exams.
  • Parents can directly get performance Reports of their childrens.
  • Get notifications for daily, weekly and yearly examination reports.
  • Teachers can create Question Bank Online and can share the same with all the students on same platform.

The tagline for school ERP is "Enhanced Education System." It is a user-interactive, adaptable, robust, accessible, and varied software platform that can be incorporated in all generations of devices.

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