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Sms Notifications & Messaging

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Sms Notifications & Messaging

This module of School ERP is one of the most dynamic. Because it may connect many entities such as kids, parents, instructors, and the principal/administrator in their own effective ways. This functionality allows for quick collaboration across multiple platforms. Various individuals can get any form of communication or notification via SMS on their respective systems and mobile phones. Exam marks, due fees, holiday notifications, birthday reminders, annual school event, sports day, and parents will receive a general notification if their child is absent.

With the Media Messages service, you can send text messages individually, in groups, or in wholesale quantities. It may be used to send vital and emergency messages and notifications to users, and it responds quickly with an easy-to-use messaging system whenever an urgent need arises. It includes flexible and adjustable groups of specified users who can swiftly and efficiently send and receive messages and notifications. Students and teachers, for example, can form their own groups, and teachers and parents can form their own groups to stay informed about their children's daily activities.It may transmit messages in a variety of formats, including email, chat messaging, and individual messaging services. It also has the ability to attach any document file, image, or link from the institute's available resources to the message.

The modules allow you to manage and send messages to a contact list that includes all of the instructors, staff, and admin who are related to the children and their parents. This function allows you to search for a certain contact in the search bar and send messages to them as needed. In the inbox and sent list, the user can also search for and find past messages. It also allows you to view the whole list of Messaging.

This module includes the features like :

  • Individual Notifications: This feature allows the user to send notifications to specific users, such as a daily performance sheet, a parent meeting date and time, an announcement of achievements and results, a notification of a student's absence to the parents, a report card, and so on. Note: Notifications can be sent to students, instructors, and parents individually.
  • Group Notifications: It allows the user to send a notification to a specific group of users, such as pupils in a specific class and section, teachers teaching the same subject or with the same degree of expertise for assessment or promotion, and so on. Note: Students, instructors, and parents can send group alerts to the groups to which they have been added or assigned.
  • Push Notifications: This is a service that appears on your smartphone. The user does not have to be online to receive the notification. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including sending annual event dates, sporting event dates, and fee payment reminders, among others. Push notifications are similar to text messages and mobile alerts, with the exception that they can only be received if the user has loaded the appropriate app. Push notifications are supported by a variety of mobile phones, including Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Individual Messaging : The user can send messages to specific users, such as a daily performance report, mock tests and results, a schedule of parent meetings, a reminder of fees payment, a receipt of fees, and so on. Note: Individual messages can be sent by students, instructors, and parents to one another.
  • Group Messaging: This function allows the user to send messages to specific groups of people, such as students in a specific class or section, annual day events, sports days, picnics, or results announcement dates, and so on. Students, instructors, and parents should keep in mind that they can only send group messages to the groups to which they have been added.
  • Bulk Messaging is a messaging solution that allows you to communicate large amounts of data from one application to another. Generally, a huge number of messages are sent to the mobile phones of a specific group of receivers via a specially created app or system. Bulk messaging can be sent and received using a variety of methods, including a mobile app, software, or integrating an SMS API with their website or system.
Advantage of Sms Notifications & Messaging
  • Bulk Messaging enables all the users to reach and communicate in just one click and within few seconds.
  • SMS is private and public both.It goes straight into the recipient's personal message ID and received through mobile app or the desktop system.
  • SMS can be sent and received to the users from anywhere and anytime.
  • School ERP Education Management has developed the feature that can send individual messages or group messages.
  • Even though if the mobile phone or desktop system is signed off the user can still receive the messages and can check them later.
  • SMS / Messages can be stored, forwarded and if required it can be used at a later stage for verification.
  • The sender can schedule the specific time and date to send the SMS and Notifications.
  • Bulk SMS is also possible from the School ERP Education management app or system
  • Over the globe this module is much reliable and faster in communication for end to end users.