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Student Tracking / System

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Student Tracking / System

It's designed to track school transportation and keep track of pupils' whereabouts in a secure manner. It will assist in determining if the student boarded or exited the bus, and it will be responsible for sending vital warnings to parents and schools with the information that schools require. As a result, School ERP Education administration gives precise and timely responses. It will make use of a portable device that can be used to track students in real time. The School ERP cross platform system allows administrators, teachers, and parents to track and monitor in real time. A school's ability to maintain track of its kids is critical. Not only does the school need to know about attendance, but also whether or not the student is on time.

All educational institutions can benefit from an unique GPS tracking solution provided by School ERP Education System. It is primarily concerned with improving the safety of students as well as the management of travel operations. The technology is designed to track not only the vehicles, but also each student. This allows the school/college officials to better manage their transportation activities and provide parents more peace of mind.

School ERP Education Management is a sophisticated system that allows students to log in and track their activities efficiently. It aids in the check-in and check-out of pupils in and out of class / school. Also records the student's arrival time, informing teachers whether or not a student is on time.

Key Features of Student Tracking System
  • In classrooms, keep track of student attendance.
  • Scan the school grounds for students and detect them.
  • It can retrieve the needed data from the existing student information system.
  • This method can be used to send out warning messages and notify parents.
  • Make attendance reports and print them.
  • Student tracking was made simple with the help of school ERP education management.

Vehicle Tracking

Admins and teachers can track the car using the School ERP car tracking system, as well as check the live location of the transportation vehicle using the School ERP GPS system in real time. Students and parents may track the car using the School ERP car tracking system, and parents may check the live location of the transportation vehicle using the School ERP GPS system in real time.
Features for School Authorities
  • Student travel log which will helps in exploring the historical data.
  • Optimize the planned routes and helps to control the associated costs.
  • Notifications of over speed and alert messages to make sure the vehicle is out of any theft or danger.
  • Generate the MIS reports to help in monitoring and enhancing the transportation activities.
  • School Bus Live tracking on standard map.
  • Updated travel location of students that are availing the school transportation feature.
Features for Parents
  • Locate the vehicle using mobile phones to get the latest travel location of a bus or student.
  • SMS and Notification alerts to all the parents when the school vehicle reaches the school.
  • Parents can have peace of mind by monitoring the travel status of their child.
  • Regular SMS alerts to parents to notify the arrival of School Bus at the pickup/drop point.

The slogan "Enhancing Education System" is used to create and construct school ERP education management. It is a user-interactive, flexible, accessible, and varied platform that can be embedded in all generations of devices.