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Transport Management

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Transport Management

In schools, transportation management is critical. Admin has complete control over the addition of different transport vehicles and driver information such as Name, Vehicle Number, License Number, and Driver's Phone Number. It may assign and manage various routes to various drivers with the specified vehicle number. This session will provide in-depth analysis of Transportation Allocation. It employs a variety of capabilities to tell the user of the actual location of their vehicle at any given time. The system can be tailored to the number of the students, and multiple schedules may be created to arrange effective routes for picking up and dropping off students on time. As we use transportation system in the real time environment it gives more effective results.

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This module includes the features like :

Vehicle details
It will show a list of vehicles and their numbers, as well as the maximum seat allocation and the date of insurance renewal. Teachers and administrators can see the type of car that has been allocated to students, as well as the car number, contact person, and insurance renewal date. They can also see all of the car's details, which will allow them to contact the driver or the institute in the event of an emergency.
Driver details
The system is very capable of managing varied driver's contact information and numbers. The School ERP Education management will offer a separate form for filling out the details of the driver, which will include items like the driver's name, vehicle number, permanent address, date of birth, phone number, and licence number.
Route Details
Parents will be able to observe the pre-defined route, and if the route of the vehicle changes, a push message will be sent to the parents informing them of the route change. Similarly, students can check their daily bus schedule from start to finish, and if the schedule changes, they will be notified by the administrative institute.
Create and manage the students' pick-up and drop-off schedules. Admin can add, update, and view the number of destinations between the pick-up and drop-off points. Students and parents can also see the number of destinations between the pick-up and drop-off points.
Vehicle Allocation
It will be in charge of allocating the institute's transportation vehicles. Admin can assign different transportation cars to different students based on their address and destination to pick up and drop off the kids. The route and destination will display the vehicle allocation of many groups of pupils that live in the same region or in close proximity. This tool will assist the administrator in efficiently assigning transportation.