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Attendance Management

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Attendance Management

This component is extremely accurate in reporting employee and student attendance on a daily basis. Different Departments, Classes, and Sections can mark attendance, which can then be analysed or checked by the system administrator, teachers, or principal for any irregularities or inaccuracies.

The School ERP Education Management helps to synchronise all user devices so that attendance data may be recorded on any available device with a daily backup to the server. As a result, users can use their mobile devices to record their attendance and create a daily backup of their attendance data. It also has the capability of creating and customising attendance reports. Consolidate all attendance information with the attendance module by uploading it with each entry produced.

This module includes the features like :

Employee Attendance
Admins can use our interactive mobile app to create daily attendance for their employees, as well as view weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance. Admin can view each and every employee's / staff's attendance by week, month, or year through several Streams / Departments.
Student Attendance
Teachers may use our interactive mobile app to create daily attendance for their students, as well as view weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance for their students. As a result, parents can keep track of and supervise their children's attendance. Through several Streams / Departments, teachers can examine each student's attendance by class, section, month, or year.
Register attendance & Regularize data
Allows students and employees to record attendance from anywhere using a web system or their mobile devices. It assists in automatically storing unrecorded attendance and notifying employees of any changes made to their attendance data.
Record real-time attendance from mobile app
Attendance management collects data in real time from a variety of devices and integrates it daily or weekly. This information is synced with the other education management modules. Employees can use the mobile app to register attendance using the predefined access credentials. This will provide a real-time, daily update on what is going on at the institution, including which staff / students come on a regular basis and who does not.
Manage complete attendance information.
Employees and students can examine all of their attendance information in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner, as well as track their attendance sheet in a calendar view on all devices, including mobile phones. They can see attendance information related to leave deductions and other monthly leave policy requirements.
All-in-one Attendance management system
Attendance management is not only a must for any institution, but it is also one of the most important requirements that ensures correct attendance management. It is a necessary system for reducing human error and the costs associated with it. All of these capabilities are included in School ERP Education Management, making it the ideal solution for all of your attendance management needs.
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